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“Attorney Richard Wagner, ESQ came to my rescue … He also went above and beyond and completed my expungement paper work filed it for me. I really appreciated him … Richard Wagner is a professional who is very good at what he does I am very thankful he was there for me.” S.S., Austin, TX


“Mr. Wagner is the type of attorney that promotes our profession. He is 100% dedicated to his clients and relentless is his advocacy of their interests. Not only does he work tirelessly to ensure his clients rights are protected but he also has that personal touch which engenders trust and confidence from his clients. Rich Wagner is the real deal.” James Fox Child Custody Attorney

“Mr. Wagner goes the distance for all his clients. He is dedicated, educated, aggressive and smart when it comes to defending his clients. He is a great coach to have on your team.” Jonathan Kelman Criminal defense Attorney

“Richard Wagner is one of the hardest hitting trial attorneys that I have had the pleasure and honor to know over the course of my career. Richard will never settle for second best when it comes to securing a favorable outcome for his clients. When a prosecutor is unwilling to be reasonable when negotiating a plea agreement, it’s go time for Mr. Wagner. He will not hesitate tell the judge to call in the jurors and get the ball rolling for trial. Moreover, Richard is one of the most prepared defense attorneys that I know. When he comes to court he comes armed and ready to go with pretrial motions and a plan of attack. If you’re looking for an attorney who will really go to bat for you and protect your rights at all cost, then Richard is the attorney for you because he brings the fight to the prosecutor. I cannot recommend Richard highly enough.” Daniel Kann Criminal defense Attorney

“I endorse Richard Wagner as a great top choice when searching for your lawyer in DUI or regular criminal law.” Joshua Dale DUI and DWI Attorney

“Mr. Wagner is a tough, devoted advocate for his clients.” Joshua Solberg Criminal defense Attorney

“Mr. Wagner is superb advocate for his clients. He has a mastery of the law and more than that he knows how to effectively present his client’s case. Mr. Wagner is respected and liked by the prosecution which allows him to achieve successful results for his clients. In shore, he is an effective advocate who achieves successful results.” Randall Longwith Criminal defense Attorney

“I considered Rich a mentor when I became a lawyer. He is an excellent attorney. I have also worked with him on many cases and would absolutely recommend him.” Jonathan Ibanez DUI and DWI Attorney

“I highly recommend Richard in any DUI case. I personally know him and his work. He has a great knowledge base of DUI and the science behind it, and when you combine that with the fact he is a “client’s lawyer” who is sincere and easy to talk to, his client’s are well represented.” Christopher McCann DUI and DWI Attorney

“Mr Wagner never ceases to amaze me. Some of the toughest situations have been worked out by his ability to smooth things out and enter into dispositions that appeal to all the parties and the best deals possible for the accused client.” Jack G., Studio City, CA.

“Rich Wagner is a talented and zealous advocate for his clients. Moreover, he is ethical and forthright. I have seen him in action and I would not hesitate to refer those in need of legal counsel to him.” Doug W. Los Angeles, CA.

“Richard gave me legal advise when dealing with an intellectual property case. He took the time to write up a legal contract that will save me now and in years to come. While working with him, he shared some stories about different cases. If I could describe Richard in one word, it would be “ethical”. If he can’t help you, he knows people who can. He also responds quickly.” Michael A. Irvine, CA.

“Richard Wagner is a lawyer who seems to know everybody. I was in the courthouse with him one day and I could hardly get a word in edgewise and the clerks and bailiffs kept saying hello. I think that is a good quality to have in a lawyer. It shows that he knows the court and you will not be home-towned. I would not hesitate to hire him.” Sherif E. Costa Mesa.

“I have known Richard a long time and he is an excellent attorney!”  Geoffrey Morris Workers compensation Attorney.

“The Law” is something that mystifies most, and can cripple those with little to no experience dealing with high pressure situations. Rich is the kind of man who takes pride in doing work the right way, and it shows with the glowing reviews former clients give him. I respect his talents in the court room, and highly recommend his services.” Joshua S. Costa Mesa.

“I am very grateful to Richard Wagner. He did an awesome job defending me throughout the trial. In court, Richard talked about the law, science, facts of case, and convinced the jury to find me not guilty. Richard definitely knows how to successfully defend a DUI charge in trial. Thanks to Richard Wagner, the DUI charge against me has gone away like it never happened and I got my life back.” J.I.

“A family member was facing 5 serious counts against them, one carrying a strike if convicted. Richard worked with the court, judge & prosecution & 2 of the charges were dropped, including the charge that carried the strike. He negotiated a sentence that was much less than expected & took care of everything as the family was not able to attend. He called before the court date to explain the process & hopeful outcome. He called directly after the deal had been made,giving a detailed account of what occurred & how our family member was. His work is impressive and his experience & expertise was top notch.”

“From our first meeting with Richard Wagner I knew we had the right attorney. He explained our DUI case and options to us very clearly . Once we signed on with him he took control and did all the work. After a couple of months the plan he layed out for us unfolded flawlessly which ended up in a case dismissal. We can’t thank him enough.”

“Rich is the type of lawyer that can’t sleep until he knows he has done everything in his power to help his clients. In the arena of criminal law, there are two types of lawyers. Those who care enough about their clients to continue to fight the good fight, and then there are those lawyers who don’t. Rich operates with empathy and respect in pursuit of the best resolution available – and is the most technically proficient attorney I know.” Joshua Shelton Business Attorney

“Rich Wagner has a keen wit, which serves his clients well in settling cases with prosecutors; he also has a keen knowledge of the law, which serves his clients well in trial.” Ronald Cordova Criminal defense Attorney

“He is very efficient and effective. His knowledge of Driving Under the Influence of DUI cases is awesome. I use him for advice on DUI cases or just to handle the case for me.” Jack Gold Juvenile law Attorney

“Rich Wagner is the top DUI attorney in Orange and LA counties. He has spent his career, first prosecuting and now defending DUI’s and other criminal defense matters. If you are in need of a top DUI attorney or criminal attorney, you should give him a call, it certainly will make a difference.” Courtney Pilchman Criminal defense Attorney

“I’ve recently had the pleasure of working with Richard on an out-of-state criminal case. His knowledge of the law is impressive; his ability to calm rattled clients equally so. Richard is dedicated, thorough, and persistent in his pursuit of justice for his clients.” Sydne French Criminal defense Attorney.

“I want to tell you that you did an outstanding job. You really did.” J. Caulder, Huntington Beach.

“Dear Richard: I want to thank you for representing me over the last several months. This has been the worst time of my life, especially when I have done nothing to warrant to the charges leveled against me. I truly felt victimized by the false charges, accusations, and slanderous lies. Having your representation brought a tremendous feeling of peace to both my wife and I. Your positive attitude and wise counsel, along with your intervention with the school district, relieved us of a great deal of anxiety. I have already recommended several of my acquaintances to you. Again, thank you for all you have done for me. After our last conversation, I now feel confident that I can get on with my life. It gives me peace of mind to know that you are there if this matter ever rears it head again. Thank you.” D.R.G.

“After being notified that a warrant was out for my boyfriend’s arrest, he luckily got into contact with you, Mr. Wagner. It looked like the whole world was against him and he was accused of doing some terrible things that we knew were not true but no one in the court system believed him, except you. You fought for him and turned the case around. Thank you for your help. And God Bless You.” D.T., Bellflower, CA.

“When I got the news that the police department detectives had been to my home and left a note asking me to contact them immediately because I was facing serious charges, I was scared. I am happy I was referred to you Mr. Wagner. It meant a lot to me that you met with me immediately and were available throughout the case. Your fees were very fair and reasonable and worth every penny!” J.J. Glendale, CA

“I want to thank you for the professional and effective service that you provided during the past two months … the result (Case Dismissed – forgery & second degree commercial burglary). Your care and professionalism made it abundantly clear that I would be cleared of any wrongdoing. We went through a lot between August 3 and September 21. At some points I was on the verge of breaking, you would see me in pain and you would tell me, “let’s win this thing” or “be patient we are going to win” “just go home and sleep.” You lifted my spirits. I don’t know what to say, you saved my life. We made it. We came a long way didn’t we? Again, thank you for your help, your kindness and your support. You are a good and noble man – (Karma works). T.P. Barstow, CA.

“Great representation. I recommend Richard Wagner. Richard handled my DUI/DWI matter. From our first meeting with Richard Wagner I knew we had the right attorney. He explained our DUI case and options to us very clearly. Once we signed on with him he took control and did all the work. After a couple of months the plan he laid out for us unfolded flawlessly which ended up in a case dismissal. We can’t thank him enough.” Lakewood, CA

“Thank you! It should suffice to say that I am very pleased indeed with your handling of my case, without your work the chaos surrounding these events would greatly interfere with my work and personal life. I am entirely grateful to you.” A.L. Los Angeles, CA.

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